Ideation Processes

While brainstorming is often used to generate ideas on the spot, we focus on techniques to inspire the employees continuously by nurturing their attention for evolutions external to the company. 

We introduce processes 1) to raise your employees awareness about what is happening outside the company and 2) to stimulate attention and formal as well as informal discussions on what this could mean for the company's future.

As a consequence, valuable ideas will come up, sooner or later. 

Triggers for new ideas can be ignited by visionary speakers on technological, economical, legal and regulatory, social or environmental evolutions, trends and developments. Feedback of customers, development plans of suppliers, reports of governmental agencies and what the competitors are doing can also lead to new ideas. 

Ideas don’t come on command

Many companies use  brainstorm sessions mainly to generate and capture new ideas. The result is often few high quality ideas.

Creativity should be triggered not only during brainstorms sessions. Other inspiring events and discussion activities with the employees should be organized on a regular basis in the company. 

Setting up the adequate processes

Together, we define and activate the processes that feed the creative attitude and continuous inspiration of your employees. Once launched, these processes can be further managed by yourself. 

We map the future evolutions and trends that are important for your company and its business. Even evolutions that seem quite distant at first glance, may very well impact your future activities, sometimes through changes or disruptions in other business sectors.

On these topics, we help you organize inspiring events  on a regular basis. We assist you in finding speakers with an inspiring vision and organize the discussions on the subjects. 

Possibilities for your employees to experiment and selectively explore further interesting, but not yet mature ideas can be set up and made available to them.

The overall goal is to bring the exploratory spirit alive in your company. 

Other services

Opportunity identification

In companies with new business ideas, we guide the process to transform the idea to a well-founded business plan. The only thing you have to do, is to make the go/no go decision. When you say go, we help and guide your company by starting and scaling up the new business idea.

Innovation dynamics

Are the conditions for an innovative atmosphere just not there? Or is your innovation strategy up for review? We help you create the right setting and atmosphere, so that the entrepreneurship from your employees can flourish.