Innovation dynamics

We help you to introduce any missing ingredient for innovation or venturing, set up adequate processes and create the appropriate atmosphere in your company. Permanently. 

Innovation, in particular venturing or radical innovation, is characterized by risk-taking. Not only at the level of shareholders, investors or board directors but also at the level of all involved employees, from the one bringing up the risky idea, up to the investment deciding manager.

Therefore it requires some ingredients, which are not present in the mostly risk-avoiding, on-going core business activities : 

  • directions where to look for innovations/ventures, i.e. an Innovation Strategy

  • visible innovation/venturing processes for each phase (from idea to scale-up) 

  • an exploratory mindset, visible in behaviour (not only in words) and felt by all

The first one is very supportive, but the least mandatory of the three. The last one is the most mandatory to achieve self-sustaining innovation dynamics in the company. 

The core business works on the basis of a result-oriented mindset. Goals and targets are used in leading the company forward. Actions to bridge the gap between current results and the targets are the norm. This is known by every manager and employee. It is the core business mindset. 

However in exploration, characteristic for start-ups and entrepreneurs, the result of a seemingly interesting idea can only be known after having explored that idea thoroughly. The result cannot be known in advance. Therefore failing is unavoidable in some cases. 

Some employees, knowing only the result-oriented mindset, will hesitate to present risky ideas, fearing the day their idea will turn out to be a failure. Some of them throw their ideas "over the wall" to management and are very reluctant to develop their idea themselves. Some R&D people do not want to kill the bad idea they are working on, and needlessly prolong the research or development phase.

The key is to make the employees and managers experience that in exploration, recognition comes from well spent effort, independently of the outcome. So failing is also appreciated, as long as it is fast and cheap and for equally justifiable reasons as success. 

We personally embody the exploratory mindset, taking management with us. That makes it very tangible for the employees. It’s not some theory or a couple of lessons. We work on-the-job.

Through our consistent behaviour and unconventional processes the employees experience that failing is also appreciated, as is success. Managers can also learn something, we would like to believe. 

That's why we discover so many not yet reported, new, valuable ideas, although they were already there in the head of employees. And bring many new businesses to life in corporates, SME's or start-ups. 

We would love to discuss our approach more in detail and exchange our experience during a face-to-face meeting.

Other services


We help companies come up with new innovative ideas by starting ideation processes. This process gives employees the opportunity to notice evolution in their field or surroundings. They get inspired. This leads to new and innovative business ideas for your company. Let your own employees surprise you.

Opportunity identification

In companies with new business ideas, we guide the process to transform the idea to a well-founded business plan. The only thing you have to do, is to make the go/no go decision. When you say go, we help and guide your company by starting and scaling up the new business idea.