Opportunity Development

from idea to business

In companies with new ideas, we coach teams of employees to develop their idea into a well substantiated, validated concept and business plan, allowing you to make a go/no go decision. After a go decision, we help you to start and scale up the opportunity.

In every company we always found a reservoir of valuable business ideas, even without activating an ideation process beforehand. Usually ideas that were not yet put on the table. 

To stimulate your employees to speak up, we set up energizing business opportunity identification processes, that are irresistible to employees with some entrepreneurial blood. During these processes, we coach and help their multidisciplinary team to develop the business concept and validate it, until the business potential for your company is clear. 

We challenge the business idea:

  • What is the value proposition behind the idea? 

  • Is there a market willing to pay for this value proposition? 

  • Can this company capture the business? And if so: how?

  • How do we organize ourselves to do that?

  • What is the required financial investment?
  • What return can we expect?

  • What risks are we taking?

Then the top management decides to invest in this business opportunity, or not.

Every company has some process for opportunity development, undoubtedly. But we excel in making the "intrapreneurial" spirit really alive in your company. Feeling this atmosphere is why your employees dare to put even their riskiest ideas on the table. Now and in the future. 

After the go/no go decision we help your company (international corporate, SME or start-up) to start the business opportunity and to scale it up. We help you find investors and funding, we provide market research, branding and communication. We propose solutions for every contractual issue, such as: property rights and license agreements, acquisitions and participations, venture structure and shareholders,... In order to provide this extended range of services, we work with a multidisciplinary team of experienced and specialized coaches. This team can be custom assembled to your needs and wishes.

Intrapreneurial Bootcamp

City Logistics

The City Logistics team of Bpost participated with their idea in our Intrapreneurial Boot Camp in the spring of 2013. Their business opportunity plan was evaluated at the end by the jury (20 venture capitalists and business angels) as “Just do it! Go for it!”. They started their incubation phase in November 2013. During an inauguration in June 2014 the establishment of their venture was officially announced.

At the end of 2014 they were commercially operational in Antwerp and started deployment in other cities. As a consequence, Bpost acquired competitor City Depot, merged both and became its major shareholder in 2015. 

Other services


We help companies come up with new innovative ideas by starting ideation processes. This process gives employees the opportunity to notice evolution in their field or surroundings. They get inspired. This leads to new and innovative business ideas for your company. Let your own employees surprise you.

Innovation dynamics

Are the conditions for an innovative atmosphere just not there? Or is your innovation strategy up for review? We help you create the right setting and atmosphere, so that the entrepreneurship from your employees can flourish.